Customer Support from Sleat

All our customer support is based locally, and we think this is an important part of the service we offer as well as what makes us different from other Internet Service Providers.

Unfortunately, we can only offer customer support for Skyenet network-related issues. If your problem is with your home router (WiFi) or PC we will give you the details of someone in the area who will be able to assist you further.

Helpline: Sleat Community Trust Office
Our staff have been trained in the use of our wireless equipment, as well as how our network works. We also have access to software which allows us to identify what issue/s may be affecting the network. We offer support five days a week, 9am to 5pm. For all queries please can the number below and leave a message if there is no immediate answer:

01687 347577

Our office number is 01471 844776

but please note that the office is currently not regularly occupied.

Skyeline for Sky: Network Engineer

Skyeline for Sky is a local company based in Armadale, Sleat. They will be on hand to service the Skyenet network and to ensure its smooth running.  

By having a local company based in Sleat we can guarantee that problems will be seen to within a 48hr period.  

Please contact the Sleat Community Trust office in the first instance; if there is a problem requiring assistance from the Network Engineer, we will contact them.