skyenet customer reviews


These reviews have been provided by current skyenet subscribers.


"It's hard to believe that we have had Skyenet service for almost a year now and I would like to place on record that this has proved to be an excellent broadband service. Naturally we expected the occasional glitch due to service issues and adverse weather but in almost twelve months we have had a reliable and efficient service. In our own case we have also been able to remove the BT Broadband line and rental charges in our holiday cottage by installing a 'Voice Over Internet Protocol' (VOIP) phone, using Skyenet, to provide a facility for our guests. Should subscribers wish to know further information please get in touch with me via the Trust. Great service from Skyenet and we look forward to enhancements at the appropriate time. "(Rob Ware, March 2016)


"I am very pleased with the service works well for me - thank you" (March 2016) 


"I am happy to say my broadband service is much improved with the new Skyenet connection.  It is much faster than with my previous provider from which the service was also very intermittent.........The installation was done very quickly and efficiently and customer service has been excellent"  (August 2015)


"The installation was quick and simple with no disturbance or untidyness. John Norman was cheery ,helpful and came on the day and time he said he would. It has worked perfectly since the moment it was put in  except for a short outage caused I think by thunderstorms , which was a BT problem anyway. I would be happy with a little more speed but it works well as it is so l am delighted with the service." (July 2015)


"I am very pleased with the service to date, no problems at all with either the installation or the service" (July 2015)




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